hermit fish

Getting ready for the Camino, again

bags packed
I'm presently preparing a retreat using the Camino de Santiago as a motif.

This morning I was working on " preparing for the journey" and how I had to keep parring down my backpack until it weighted 10% of my body weight.  A good friend said to me you'll find even nothing weighs something after a day's walking, she was right. After my first day I left behind on the bed in the Refugio at least $200 worth of clothes and equipment. My backpack was just too heavy. I had to take a chance and not have every eventuality covered.

It was a risk and rather frightening leaving behind extra socks, vitamins, a scarf even an additional sweater but I simply could not manage the load. I soon discovered I left many the wrong things behind but to my surprise, when needs arose, someone stepped forward to supplied them.

Magic happened.Grace. Providence.

This reminds me of a beautiful little poem written by a good friend Fr. Francis Dorff. O.Pream.